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2008 Mercury Mountaineer


Mercury Mountaineer

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  • FUEL PUMP – Remove & Replace – AWD – [DOES NOT include test.]
  • Access the Fuel Pump Driver Module (FPDM) to test the fuel pump. Verify good battery voltage on the White wire and on the Pink/Black wire. If OK, backprobe the Black/Orange wire at FPDM pin 2 with a jumper wire and jump it to the Black wire at pin 3.Turn the ignition switch to the Run position and check fuel pressure. Fuel pressure should indicate greater than 70 PSI at the fuel rail and the pressure reading on the scan tool should match the reading on the manual gauge. If the pressure reading is low, replace the fuel pump assembly. If the pressure reading is normal but the pressure reading on the fuel rail does not read within 2 PSI of the Fuel Rail Pressure (FRP) sensor input on the scan tool, replace the FRP sensor. If all testing appears to indicate as stated, either have the vehicle driven until the condition acts up, or recommend a replacement fuel pump as the most likely cause of the condition.
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